Viewing Website Trough Webmin Problem.

I have tried everything to figure out why i cant see the websites in the preview. I remember this feature was working for me once but now it doesnt work at all. i have run the config check and i do have in the dns field. one thing i do notice different is that for some reason it is not opening the preview in the same window instead it opens a new window. I am running Cent OS 4.6.

Please Help.

This is it im tired of Cent OS it has just been nothing but trouble and it seems as if it has made it more difficult for me to maintain it. im going back to Ubuntu!

that isn’t a centos issue and this OS is really easy to maintain.

As far as I can remember this behaviour was changed in VM some time ago, but I can’t remember any details. Joe will know or another expert. (The ‘changed log’ files can always be read too …)