view file from backup?

I save a virtualmin backup with all features and sites to my desktop (‘download in browser’ option).

Is there a way to access and view a single file in it?

I’m using PowerArchiver to extract where I think the file might be (it’s an html file). I’m guessing files in public_html would be in the domainname.com_dir, so I extracted that.

Once extracted, I get a file named domainname.com_dir but how do I open that? Or am I barking up a wrong tree (or directory tree) here?

provided you back up the stuff single file per domain, this is at least what I do

then the backup is and you extract it. Then in the extracted folder, called, is the folder structure as it is on your server.

  • 1 cgi-bin
  • 2 etc
  • 3 fcgi-bin
  • 4 homes
  • 5 logs
  • 6 public_html
  • 7 tmp
  • You can then browse the public_html folder.

    I don’t have the domains zipped up individually though, and don’t seem to have that same structure.

    can you make a separate back up of that domain only? It would be easier to search through it. The structure is when the domain is running under mod_fcgid. It will look slighty different on a default GPL version running under mod_apache.

    I have no real idea how your archive looks like now.

    I might do that in the future if this doesn’t seem to work out, but as for now, making a domain only backup wouldn’t help because I’m trying to recover a file that isn’t there anymore :slight_smile:

    There are three different backup formats…but all of the Virtualmin backups are simply gzipped (or bzip2ed) tarballs. So, just gunzip them and extract the tar and poke around in the contents. Everything is in there, and it’s not too mysterious where things are, and they’re always standard tarballs.

    Got it, thank you both.

    It was a little confusing because in the overall tarball there was domainname.com_dir and I extracted that, but once I did, my file managers did not recognize it as a legit file, just thought it was a .com_dir file.

    This displays my ignorance of how gzip/tar works, but I didn’t realize I needed to extract it again, but finally it dawned on me and I’ve got it now :slight_smile:

    Thanks again,