very stupid question

I am a Vmin pro user. Just got an email that there are security updates available. I have updated vmin/webmin before, but I am drawing a blank as to how to install those updates right now.

If I go to webmin > Webmin Configuration > Upgrade Webmin

it says I am up to date. but my version is 3.59

How do I update webmin? How to I update Vmin? or does that happen at the same time?


If I go to webmin > Webmin Configuration > Upgrade Webmin

This is unnecessary, and not recommended, on a Virtualmin system that has been installed with our install script. (It’s usually not harmful to upgrade from, but new versions are sometimes released a few days earlier than we intend for them to be in use with Virtualmin systems. We roll them into the repositories when all of the packages are synched. It’s always a good idea to run the latest of everything from

To update a Virtualmin system use the Virtualmin Package Updates module. When you login to your system you should see either a line that says "Package updates All Virtualmin packages are up to date." or a section with a table listing all of the available updates and a button to click to install them. Both appear in the System Information page.

If you don’t see either of those, then you either don’t have the Virtualmin Package Updates module installed (seems unlikely–it’s been around, and a default part of the install, for over a year now) or you don’t have it enabled in your System Information page (“Configure this page” and turn it on).

The available packages list is checked periodically with a cronjob–so if you’ve turned off the automated data gathering (or set it up to run less often), you may have old data. You can force the Package Updates module to update its information at any time…browse to it, and click Refresh Available Packages.

Thanks joe, It was staring me in the face…I was looking for a menu in the left frame.