Very Strange Mail Problem

Hi Guys !

New to the forum so hello :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if anyone has seen something similar to what is described below:

I run about 20 domains on my virtualmin and a number of those with email.

I added a recent domain that was sending and receiving email just fine. Today users stopped authenticating. Looking at the mail.err logs, it was complaining that it wasn’t part of the group that owned the /homes/xxx directories. I added those users to the domain group, and users authenticated once again.

Problem now is that when you send email, I can see in the logs that the queue manager picks it up, sends it to procmail, and looks like it’s moving it to the right dir, but no new emails are showing up.

Old email still shows up on the accounts, dovecot is authenticating, postfix seems to be accepting and delivering it, but no new mail is populating.

I’ve Tried -----------------------------------

Looking at mail.warn, mail.err -> Blank
Restarting dovecot and postfix -> Nothing
Added a new user to the mix -> Authenticates fine, cannot receive email even though I see it coming in through the logs.

Maybe ------------------------------------

I think it’s a problem with postfix and not being able to move the mail to the user’s folder. I believe this might be the problem because users can still see old email.

Any ideas ?


One thing you may want to try is to take a peek in the procmail logs, located in /var/log/procmail.log… those show some additional details, such as where it’s trying to deliver the emails, and any errors that occur while trying to do so.

Also, it’s possible you could be seeing some permission issues… you may want to go into Limits and Validation -> Validate Virtual Servers, and run the “Fix Permissions”, as well as have it validate that particular Virtual Server.


Eric is right: it is procmail that does the actual moving to the user’s Maildir. postfix only passes the email on to procmail.

When you found the present issue, it’ll of course be interesting to discover what caused it in the first place, to prevent it from happening again. :slight_smile:

It absolutely did show what I needed and indeed it was permissions. The strange part is that this is the only domain which the group is administrator. I don’t remember changing that and I’m not quite sure how Virtualmin created this domain with that group in particular.

I changed it so that it would be the same as other domains --> domain:domain instead of domain:adminsitrator and this is what messed things up. Now I need to figure out why it created the directory structure with those permissions… crazy thing

Solution ----------------

Look at procmail log, see what user:group is suppose to have the ownership of the Maildir Folder, verify with Virtualmin Validation Tool, and in this case I changed permissions manually.

Thanks guys ! :slight_smile: