Very strange issue found with Email Filters, when sending from admin@ or postmaster@

I found a very strange issue with Email Filters, when it received email sent to it from anyone sending from admin@ or postmaster@

If an email filter is created to forward ALL mail to another address, if you send it from (and by anything I mean anything in here,, then it goes into the inbox and is not filtered, but if its not admin@anything (even admin1@) , it forwards OK. This also occurs for postmaster, but not hostmaster etc.

This is very strange and people are potentially not getting any emails when sent rom admin@.

Is this is a bug? Or a setting I can fix on the server?

I tried it on two separate mail servers, so for two different domains, and same issue.

Aliases forward OK, so its only email account filters.


This also happens when sending from administrator@ and anything-admin@
and anything-administrator@

Hi. I just wondered if there is anyone who can help with this, its causing issues with a customer who needs to use some addresses like administrator@.

Is there anything I can do to get help with this? I have said before I would be happy to donate or pay for support, I need this resolved so if it means a charge please can someone let me know? I just need someone looking into this. Although I am considering it a bug somewhere, as it clearly should filter ALL messages, not exclude certain ones.

I will report it as a big also.

Thanks a lot

Bug report here: