Verification Link

Why I am not getting verification link on time.

Wow, congrats! You made it into the top 3 of pointless support requests…

But I’m willing to kick-start further comms: Is your e-mail address that expects to receive the link “on time” grey-listed maybe?

not grey-listed. Most of the time I am receiving on-time emails.

Perhaps most of us are wondering (what verification link) or even more likely what system website have you signed up for. and why did you think it important/or would be more useful to ignore the prompt for SYSTEM INFORMATION?


Who knows ?? this is totally impossible to answer without some more information but TBF I wouldn’t think this is a webmin/virtualmin issue but I’m sure @kindcare will add the information required and some more background to the issue

maybe (I’ve heard that pigs can fly) I just wish folk would not post without reading (I assume they have taken the trouble to log on and would actually like some help.)

Y’all be nice. No reason to pile on with angry responses.

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We’ll need more information. What verification link are you talking about?

When you do the verification monitor the mail log files that should answer your question.
I find its 95% of the time its greylisting and that will show in the log.

Try using the password reset for your newly created account! Does it work now? Do you receive the reset password link email?