vcpus >= 2 from interface


I am tring to make a new vps with 2 or more vcpus,

I have read this link:
for 3 times

But i still cannot understand ok i set at: New System > Create xen instance > Resource limit options > Maximum CPU use > at 200% ?

I have a E3440 Intel Xeon Processor and host Dom0 see 8 processors (4 x 2 hypertrading)
How can i set from interface this “Maximum CPU use” so i have a vps with 2 processors:

It’s like i set in domU.cfg vcpus =2 but i need to set it from cloudmin web interface not to write it by hand in domu.cfg.

Second question.

In next link i have a screenshot at DomU page >Resources > Manage Virtual CPUs …

What is that, i should select what in here? which processors should DomU use?

Ok but what i don’t understand is why there are like 8 virtual cores and each core has 8 processors?
It’s like i have 8 x 8 = 64 virtual processors?

Supose my DomU must have 1 real processor from 8 available, i had to select 1 virtual core and inside him all 8 processors?
And if i do that, i must select at Resource limit options > Maximum CPU use > at 100% ?
What is happening if i select 200%.?

I would hope that hyperthreaded cores don’t count in the VCPU selection (since they aren’t actually cores, it’s just the way Linux chooses to display those extra command pipelines).

You can set the number of VCPUs in the Resources>Manage Virtual CPUs

I’m not sure if you can do that at creation time…it probably should be possible if it isn’t, so you could file a ticket about it, if there is no Virtual CPUs option in the Create New System page and you’d like for there to be such an option.