Varhnish or Ngnix on Webmin CentOS server


How i can install Varnish or Ngnix on Webmin/Virtualmin Centos server?
I excualy do not need plugins or etc for the panel. I just need Ngnix or Varnish to work with every hosted domain that i have and that i will create in the future. Its no problem to manage them over SSH line

Any tutorial ?

Thanks in advanced.


Unfortunately, there isn’t any Nginx support at the moment. Apache is the only supported web server.

However, support for that is in the works, and should be out in the upcoming months.


You wouldn’t be able to control or modify any of the websites via Webmin… but nothing about Nginx would prevent Cloudmin from working. You could spin up VPS’s running Nginx as their web server.


Won’t nginx put less load on the Webmin instance

Hmm, I’m not entire certain I follow what what it is you’re asking :slight_smile:

But the folks requesting Nginx support generally do so because they’re hoping to run it on VPS’s as you mentioned. While I haven’t done much testing between the two, most folks seem to feel that Nginx requires less resources to run.



Does Webmin run on Apache, or does it have it’s one server module?

Webmin is self-contained – it has it’s own built-in web server. So it doesn’t use Apache or Nginx or similar.

When you look at a process list of what all is running on your server, if you see a “”, that’s the Webmin webserver daemon.