/var/webmin - excessive disk usage

OS: CentOS 7
Webmin: 1.984
Usermin: 1.834
Virtualmin: 6.17 GPL
Authentic Theme: 19.84.7

Is it typical for the /var/webmin folder to grow in the GBs?

This morning the /var/webmin/diffs folder grew to over 30GB in size causing our tiny droplet to die due to a lack of space.

Typically we keep our primary partition pretty small considering we mount key folders to their own disk space so the core software generally doesn’t run out of space like this.

I felt it was quite odd for something specific to Webmin to be utilizing this amount of space.

30GB seems pathological. /var/webmin/diffs is what provides detailed action logging, so it’s literally diffs of changes made in Webmin to config files, generally any individual file should be very small, and even a very active server probably wouldn’t reasonably grow to 30GB, I would think.

Are you seeing anything unusual in that directory? It normally looks like this:

# find /var/webmin/diffs

For comparison, on my little server the folder looks like Joe’s. I have just over 6 pages of folders in there and the total space is just over 3 MB according to File Manager Properties on the Diffs folder.

Another comparison, this from a server where /var/webmin/diffs dates back to 8 years ago, would support Joe’s response:

[root@host ~]# du -sh /var/webmin/diffs
125M /var/webmin/diffs
[root@host ~]# find /var/webmin/diffs | wc -l

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