/var/log/brcm-iscsi.log file has grown to 1,300mb (Webmin EC2 image)

The Apache web server stops intermittently. To solve the problem, I deleted some files. Ultimately. I ran out of files to delete.

I identified the problem is /var/log/brcm-iscsi.log file which has grown to 1,300mb.

Can I delete this? Do I need to write null to the file instead? I thought it safe to ask first …

Thank you for your help in advance.


For log files in general – it’s typically safe to remove them, so long as you don’t need the data in them.

I don’t know which distro you’re using there, but I do see that CentOS has a bug report here regarding that:


The long-term solution discussed in there is to setup log file rotation for that file, and they provide an example of how to go about that.