Validation & IPv6 and SSL Issuance

Operating system: CentOS 7
OS version: 7.9.2009

I am experiencing three different issues… For all I know it could be user error or a bad configuration.

Validation & IPv6
I have a few clients who have “sub-servers” where the directory was changed to their root public_html instead of the created folder by Virtualmin. I have verified that the Apache files show the change in directory but for whatever reason, when the validation process happens it gets upset because the folder is not there and its pointing to the old location. How do I clear this up without having to create a new directory?

Also during this validation process, it gets upset over IPv6 and I have the servers off for IPv6, so why would this error keep popping up and do I clear it?

SSL Issuance
I had configured the Virtualmin Configuration to force HTTPS, however. During server creation the verification for SSL fails because it can’t access the .well-known folder and DNS (this makes sense as all of my clients are using Cloudflare instead of the server’s local DNS routing). So, the only way to avoid this is to turn off force HTTPS and then it will not get upset. So, is this a bug or is this normal?

Due to this, it makes Letsencrypt upset because there are too many failed attempts to issue an certificate. So there is a waiting period before trying again.

I am willing to allow one of the Virtualmin developers to log in and see if I messed up something, but only if it can’t be resolved through the forums.

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