One thing that I found to be lacking or at least I couldnâ

Hi Dave,

There’s no longer any need for a separate module. Usermin and Webmin can setup auto-responders without need for any additional software.

However, you’re not the only person who has had trouble finding this fact out! We’ll be making this aspect of things a bit more obvious in the not-too-distant future. This functionality is hiding in the “Mail Forwarding and Replies” module. Click the “Add a mail forwarding rule” and then select one of the autoreply options.

More documentation, and better naming conventions are needed for this functionality. (The same can be said for a lot of things in the stack…Almost everything anyone ever asks for already exists, it just isn’t easy enough to find!)

Im looking for this option too, I still cant seem to find it.

I found autoreply from file is that the only way to set up an auto reply and will the mail that was sent to the original user still be delivered in addition to an autoreply?


Ok, I put autoreply from file, and created a file and that works, then I put “This user’s mailbox” under “autoreply from file” in the email forwarding destinations and this seems to work. I was afraid it would create a loop, but it autoresponds and sends a copy to the users mailbox.

Is there an easier way to do this, maybe the dropdown has autoreply from file ONLY, and autoreply from file and keep original or something like that. Also, I created the file using the file manager, is there a better way to do it, instead of having to do it in two seperate locations?

One thing I have planned is making the user interface for autoreplies and forwarding simpler - you can see this currently on the Mail Aliases page, when you create a new alias. Instead of having to specify a file, you just enter some reply text and a file is chosen automatically…

I will make this available when editing mailboxes too.