V7 roadmap question

What is the featuremap for v7 look like? I’m just curious what new goodies we can look forward to…:slight_smile:

Most of the Virtualmin features that were on our todo list for 7 are already in the 6.17 virtual-server module. A bunch of the cloud-related stuff (Route 53 and other cloud DNS options). Better PHP-FPM support. We’re adding back CGI support for CentOS 8 (not using suexec, but fcgiwrap, which also allows CGI in nginx).

Some things that are likely but not guaranteed (since we haven’t implemented it or tested it yet): Dovecot SASL replaces saslauthd. More installer simplifications and better defaults…more consistency and simplicity across distributions (MariaDB everywhere, by default; php-fpm is likely to be the only PHP execution mode in a default installation).

Some things that probably won’t make the first release, but will likely appear mid-7 lifecycle: mod_security support (both in the default install and with UI support…this will be Pro-only for the near-term). More/better WordPress integration and WordPress-related add-ons More cloud stuff (i.e. other DNS APIs, external mail server integration).

We’ve been focused on making it harder for users, especially new users, to shoot themselves in the foot. So, that means better defaults, simpler defaults, fewer packages, fewer configuration options. We’ll pick the best options and make that path really easy and hard to mess up. Other stuff will still be possible, but not in the default install.


please don’t over do it :slight_smile:

If y’all would stop shooting yourselves in the foot, we wouldn’t have to remove any of the footguns. But, the footguns were probably a mistake, in hindsight.

@Joe well… I remeber giving hard time to eric in 2007 or 2008 since then I learned and developed… i take it from you as node…

sure enough - when you can read burning sun - last time I do remember to shoot my bum it was ubuntu server - even centos was better in any way…

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