Using WordPress MultiSite Network

I have installed WordPress MultiSite Network vers 3.3 on one of my virtual servers.

And I notice that I can choose for it to use sub-domains for the individual blogs or I can choose sub-directories.

I would prefer to use sub-domains and to do so I need to make a couple of changes to the system.

In the httpd.conf , Add this line:
ServerAlias *


In the DNS records on your server, add a wildcard subdomain that points to the main installation. It should look like:
A *

I know that VirtualMin does not use sub-domains, but does it cause any problems if I use
virtual sub-domains within the WordPress MultiSite ?

And will making those changes cause any problems ?



An alternate way to do what you’re after would be to setup a Virtual Server, such as, and then go into Server Configuration -> Website Options, and set “Website matches all sub-domains”.

That will cause it to act as a wildcard sub-domain, doing all the * configuration that you require.


Thank you very much for your reply.

I have already gone and done the change to the config
and I see that the Server Configuration -> Website Options
must be reading the info because it was set to YES

(whereas all the other VS are set to NO )

Good to learn a bit more :wink:


I have also added a DNS record like this:

Is that correct ?