Using users for more than mail

Operating system: Debian 10
Virtualmin: 6.16

Firstly, thanks for a great piece of software. The last few weeks have been a steep learning curve with a lot of cursing and swearing but I’m now running 20 virtual servers for our group of companies.

One of the servers is setup for mail and is going to be running up to 1000 mailboxes. The customer also wants a web site (other than webmail) which will use the email login credentials for access beyond the front page. It would be easier for them to use a CMS like wordpress or drupal for the site.

Can anyone advise if it’s possible to either

  1. pull the login credentials from the email system for a site hosted on the same virtual server
  2. use the CMS system to provide the users details for the email
  3. have the email users details sync with the CMS database

If someone has done something similar, please let me know how you did it?

Thanks in advance

If you’re wanting to have 1000 email users use their email login to join a private Wordpress site then you can do that with the Wordpress Groups plugin plugin.

It’s been a while since I used it but it used to have the ability to limit user groups to categories. Then you use whatever name for the category you want to keep private and allow only that group to see it.

Then everybody just goes up to the site, creates a user with their email credentials and they’re assigned to that group, lets say company.

Example: You set up the Wordpress with the category Public for the home page and other pages you want the public to see. Then you set up a category for Company for the private pages. All your pages you create for just the company go into the company category so only that group assigned to company can access it.

Thanks Gomez. Much as I hate wordpress, that plugin would be very useful and may also deal with another curve-ball they just dropped!

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If you are open to a CMS other than WordPress, TikiWiki ( can offer, off the shelf, the functionality that you want.

tbh calport, I’d rather stab myself in the eye than use wordpress and I’m open to try anything at least once! I will look up TikiWiki, thanks for the suggestion :grin:

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