Using the PHP version setting doesn't seem to work

Hey guys,

I have been messing with php4/5 and I have found that even though I switch from php4 to php5 using the PHP Versions setting it doesn’t work.

Maybe I just don’t understand its workings? Does the Website subdirectory need something ?

I am experiencing the same problem. Switching from the Server Configuration: PHP Versions, does not appear to be working. Debian Etch at least…


You may have a server wide mod_php configuration that is over-riding the per-domain configuration. I didn’t think this was possible, but I’ve recently seen it happening on a customers system.

So, check to be sure mod_php isn’t being configured to run your scripts. Since you can only have one mod_php version it’ll lock you into that one version (under some circumstances…probably just need to kill the:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

Line to make it stop. If you never want to use mod_php, you could also kill the “LoadModule php4_module modules/” line, as well. Now that mod_fcgid is known to be quite solid, we’ll probably make this the default during install.

I have that disabled in my conf – I just can’t get out of it no matter what I try. I have 3 domains that are locked into php4.

One thing I have discovered that seems to be consistent is that I cannot change the Default HTML directory to version 5. However, any subdirectory seems to take the change fine.


My prior issue has been fixed… It seems that VM doesnt like / on the ends of the <Directory /path >

Maybe that is what your having ?