Using the Intro Video


I would like to use your intro video for
my hosting clients so they can see how good
VirualMin is :slight_smile:

But I would not want to suck up your bandwidth
and also it would confuse them if I send them to
your page.

So can I put the files on my server?
If so please let me know where I can get the files.

If not, I will have to make my own video :frowning:


Hi Dave,

That’s an excellent question :slight_smile:

I sent an email over to Joe and Jamie asking about the licensing for this.

Yell if you don’t hear anything within a day or so, and I’ll figure out where they’re at with the discussion on that.


I have the video and some documentation copied to my site as well.
Joe found that excellent at that time, the more people market virtualmin, the better, was his answer at that time.

I host this on my own server as well
I also point to Doxfer in an article about the filemanager.