Using SpamAssassin or Procmail to mark messages as read


I have SpamAssassin set to inject [SPAM] into the subject and move the message into the Spam folder, but it would be really nice if I could configure either SpamAssassin or Procmail to mark the message as read, so that my Mail Client doesn’t constantly nag me to read spam messages.

Any way to do this?

Hi loyalwhite
Did you figure this out please? Unread spam message count really annoys me!

This solution is unnecessary because:

  1. If you want to receive spam emails then you should read them as many times legitimate email will end in spam.
  2. If emails marked as spam are not important or you dont care for them, you have an option in Usermin to automatically delete them. Be aware that you WILL occasionally delete legitimate emails and this approach its bad, but its your server so its up to you.
  3. Regardless of the first two options you can use RBL’s in your postfix configuration to filter most of the spam emails before they even reach your email.

Pick your option and enjoy the ride.

I go through my spam folder every week or two, so I dont need to see unread emails in that folder in my email client. Its very annoying when you want achieve a sense of completion, Inbox Zero. So I often check it more often than I need to so I can mark them all as read manually, and this is not very productive. So it is actually quite important for me to not shoe the unread count. I dont need to be notified I have not read some spam, but I do need to keep them to check occasionally.

Redirect all spam in spam folder and dont add this folder to your mail client. Other solution would be to use Sieve, more info here:

I use Apple Mail and you cant unsubscribe IMAP folders in Apple Mail!

I have done this…

  1. Created a sub-folder called Mail
  2. In Apple Mail add the IMAP Prefix for Mail, so my mail client only shows folders under the Mail dir and Inbox
  3. Create sub folders for Sent, Deleted and Draft
  4. In Apple Mail and Roundcube set these folders as the special folders for Sent, Deleted and Draft

So now any folder above Mail, (except the Inbox) is not in my Mail Client, this includes spam. I can then login to Webmail every so often to check spam.