Using second drive for backups

**OS type and version: CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
**Webmin version: 1.981
**Virtualmin version: 6.17 Pro

Installed using the link from the licences page which went sooo easily (top of the class and several gold stars to you all). :smiley:

Hi People,
I have been quiet here for a number of years because I have had no issues, so my ongoing thanks for an amazing package.

I have been stuck with old systems (CentOS 5) because of dependencies of some sites which couldn’t use later OS (eg. Actinic) and now those problems are solved I am moving across to CentOS 7.

On the old CentOS 5 systems I have been doing backups to a second drive seen as “disk2” in the file manager. I would like to do the same on the new boxes but “disk2” is not shown in the file manager.

If I go to webmin/hardware/partitions on local disks I see the two drives listed as below:

[SATA device A] 953.83 GiB ATA HUS722T1TALA600 5

[SATA device B] 953.83 GiB ATA HUS722T1TALA600 2

If I click on “SATA device A” I get:

|1 |Linux EXT |8.03 MiB |1 |1 ||
|2 |Linux EXT |1 GiB |1 |128 |/boot|
|3 |Linux EXT |920.84 GiB |128 |117522 |/|
|4 |Extended |32.01 GiB |117522 |121602 ||
|5 ||32.01 GiB |117522 |121602 |Virtual memory|

If I click on “SATA device B” I get:

|1 |Windows FAT16 |104.41 MiB |1 |13 ||
|2 |Windows FAT32 |2.05 GiB |14 |275 ||

I have been tempted to wipe those partitions on device “B” assuming that it can be reformatted/mounted/whatever but scared to do so in case I SNAFU the whole shooting match.

I have searched for a previous topic but can’t find anything that really addresses my issue and would appreciate any guidance you can offer.

If there is a guide somewhere please point me to it.

Many thanks in advance,

You’ll probably need to create a mount point and mount on boot and then you can just specify /2hdd/mount/point as your path to backup.

Do make a backup of your fstab before you edit it.

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