Using off site DNS with Virtualmin

I recently bought a VPS and installed Vritualmin on it. I have got an offsite DNS server along with the VPS. I am struggling to make it work. I think I don’t know what I am actually doing.

I have domain name from godaddy, I need this to be the host name for the VPS, ie,

So can somebody please help me how to make this work?

Thanks a lot!


Are you looking to only use that offsite DNS as your nameserver? Your Virtualmin server wouldn’t be acting as a nameserver along with the offsite?

If so, what that means is that you’d need to go to your offsite DNS server, and add a DNS ‘A’ record for ‘’.


Thanks a lot. So I have done it. Now which nameserver do I give in the Domain registrar to make it work?
Also please tell me if there is anything else to make it work!