Using "move-domain" : issue moving sub-server to toplevel server

Hi all,

New to Virtualmin/Webmin but seriously impressed!

One wrinkle just now: I used “virtualmin move-domain” to move a sub-server out from under a parent server, to make it a new top-level server (as per these instructions ).

To make what I did clear:

The domain “” was a sub-server of “”.

I used the command “virtualmin move-domain --user mydomain --password blah” which succeeded.

The move worked successfully, in that /home/mydomain/ was created as a new top-level user account containing the expected files, mailboxes etc. Also, the directory /home/otherdomain/domains/ no longer exists in the old parent account.

HOWEVER, in the left-hand menu of the Virtualmin interface, is still showing up as a subserver of in the left hand listing. ALSO, it’s now showing up as a subserver in another pre-existing top-level server for

These two rogue sub-server entries for point to the same actual server installation, because if I disable one of them the other becomes disabled too (and the server for stops functioning.) I fear therefore that if I delete either one of these rogue entries, it will actually delete my new server.

Any idea how I can persuade Virtualmin to see the account as the proper top-level account it is, and get rid of the rogue sub-server entries? Quite happy editing config files if somebody can tell me where to look.



Hrm, that’s an unusual problem you’re seeing there! That sounds quite a bit like a bug.

My suggestion would be to post this exact thing you shared above as a bug report, using the “Support” link above. There, Jamie can take a closer look and toss out some ideas for how to get that fixed up.


Actually I’m pretty sure too, now, that it is a bug (and have moved the server back to being a sub-server where it was originally.)

I’m guessing the bug has arisen because of a complex CPanel backup I imported, containing the parent domain/site and subdomain/sub-site.

The CPanel backup was for a complex WP Multisite setup, and contained a whole bunch of parked domains, some of which had their own mail aliases not shared by the main domain. The parked domain mail aliases weren’t recreated by Virtualmin when I imported the CPanel file, so I think things went awry with domain aliases etc during that process. (Importing less complex CPanel setups went fine, with mail aliases created properly.)

I’ll report the import problem as a bug - thanks for the response!