Using external DNS instead of local?

I have read through many posts about getting BIND working for your own DNS nameservers, but I want to use the nameservers my VPS hosting company provides (,, etc). I found a post that told me how to turn off BIND and make sure it doesn’t load on a reboot. I have records set up on my VPS hosting panel ( It worked just fine until I installed virtualmin as my server panel. Now my site will not resolve.

When DNS was enabled and BIND was working, I added NS records for ,etc…still nothing, so I turned off BIND and still nothing. My GoDaddy account is set up for nameservers, etc. As I said, I installed a distribution and it was resolving correctly but then I remember, OH YEAH!! I need to install Virtualmin. Someone help please.

PS. I don’t want to use local nameservers before you even ask :slight_smile:

EDIT: It suddenly resolved. I was tweaking and trying things and had put everything back and suddenly it was working. What I don’t get is that I know the DNS had updated because it was resolving before I installed virtualmin. I had stopped BIND maybe 20 minutes ago. Could it be that it took that long for the local DNS to stop?


You’d want to make sure that the “BIND DNS Domain” feature is disabled in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features. Also, in Server Configuration -> Features and Plugins, you’d want to disable the BIND DNS Domain feature there as well.

As to why it wasn’t working… I’m not sure :slight_smile:

If an external client was connecting to your website – it should look at the whois information of your domain to determine the domain’s nameservers, and perform a lookup there. So in theory, the DNS settings on your own website shouldn’t affect lookups, regardless of how it’s setup.

So it’s possible you were seeing a DNS problem unrelated to you setting up Virtualmin.

But, without being able to see the problem in action, it’s difficult to say :slight_smile:


Seems to be an issue with DNS propagating its way through nodes. It continually goes up and down. I wish I could figure out how to set external DNS within Virtualmin so I don’t have to go add records manual in my VPS panel.