Using email clients to access emails on virtual servers

I’m unable to connect to my virtual server with other email clients. I read this: and I may be confusing things. When it says “hostname of the Virtualmin serverr” is that the hostname found by typing following into command-line of the server -> hostname -f

Would the below info be correct if my domain name was and my Virtualmin server hostname was

Email address:
IMAP/POP3 username: something.domain
Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

What distribution do you use? Tell us more information.

Above your information look okay, however, the imap username should instead something.domain

For incoming/outgoing…
Test the email clients by using the IP address. Should connect.
Then test using, should work
Then test using Wont work without DNS entry for pointing to same ip as server.

The correct user name will be listed under virtualmin, edit users, IMAP POP3 FTP login. Thats what has to be used. Some versions of virtualmin are different depending on how you setup default user names.

I’m running latest CentOS 7. I thought I’ve tried the IP address just to be sure and it didn’t connect… it said incorrect username or password in which I know it’s right. the username matches what’s in virtualmin and my DNS stuff is correct btw. I’m just going to nuke what I have a do a fresh install on an ubuntu server instead. I normally use ubuntu anyways but wanted to try CentOS. Thanks for help guys. I’ll update this if my fresh install works :smiley: