Using 'domains' in an email address


Previously we have been using domains as the email address when registering some of our domains. Makes it easy to identify the email.

Anywhere I can change the virtualmin default behavior to keep this as a reserved address. I suspect we will have to work our way through the registrations, but that is time consuming.


I have to admit I do not fully understand what you mean here. :slight_smile:

Specifically, what do you mean with “register” here, and with “reserved addresses”. Can you re-phrase that?


Sorry for my poor description. (Actually just notices I was using the greaterthan lessthan signs around the domain name so info was stripped out)

When registering a domain we have used the email address for renews and any other email the registrar sends.

Now if I try and add the address domains (either real or alias) to the domain in virtualmin I get an error of ‘domains is a reserved address’. So my email address is, if kevin is replaced with domains it is not available.


Aah okay, now I see the problem. I just tried it out and can confirm this.

Whether or not this can be changed needs to be answered by Virtualmin staff; I know of no configuration option where you can choose whether the user name “domains” is reserved or not. Actually I never tried to use it myself. :slight_smile: I use the name “domain-admin” for user in this case.