using CloudMin GPL together with commercial Cloudmin ?


I just wanted to find out, if I want to run both Cloudmin GPL and the commercial Cloudmin, would it be a problem?

I have decided to move our DNS, cacti, monitoring, ticketing, billing, etc servers all to XEN VPS’s and thought it would be good to run them on Cloudmin GPL since I don’t need all the features that the commercial cloudmin option offers.

And I would rather pay for the cloudmin licences, for VPS on which we actually make money from clients.

Would this be a breach of contract / license agreement?
And would it be a problem if the commercial Cloudmin master servers manage the Cloudmin GPL servers as well?


Mmm, that shouldn’t be a problem (license-wise)!

As far as licensing goes, the goal is just that if you’re using Cloudmin Pro to manage a server, that you’d have a license for managing that particular server (or servers).

If you’d like to use Cloudmin GPL at the same time to manage other servers, that’s certainly no problem.

I’ll offer though that I don’t believe that’d be simple to setup on the same system. That is, I don’t think Cloudmin Pro and Cloudmin GPL would play nice on the same Linux box (or VM)… you’d likely want to use two different servers/VMs in order to run both of those.

Does that help?


ok so I guess I would need to rather just pay for these servers as well. They don’t really generate money so it may be difficult to justify the extra license costs.

Thanx for the reply though :slight_smile: