Users for Subversion repository

On my host I have multiple virtual hosts for different web sites. For some web sites I want to develop with the use of subversion. I was thinking of having the subversion repositories under my company virtual server for different web sites and have a post-commit hook to checkout the project under the virtual server it was made for. Now for checking out I wanted to use the user of the virtual server at which the web site runs. Is it possible to add these users to the repository? As a default I only see the users for the virtual server at which the repository is hosted.

Since the code is my own work I prefer to have it under my own virtual server instead of enabling a repository under each versioned web sites virtual server.

Any alternatives are welcome as well.


There’s unfortunately not a good way to handle that within Virtualmin today. The Subversion plugin only allows you to add users from that Virtual Server to the repository.

This is certainly less convenient, but you could always manually add the users directory to the SVN config files in $HOME/etc. That won’t break anything in Virtualmin, and you’d get around that particular limitation.