Users can't delete files created by Apache.

I’m running virtualmin 3.66 GPL on Ubuntu 8.04LTS for myself and some coworkers personal sites. I’m having some permissions problems. When a user for instance installs Gallery2 all files are owned by the user. Files created by Gallery itself are owned by the apache user and because of that the user can’t delete those files. Have I missed a setting somewhere or misconfigured?

Thanks for your help.

Well, ultimately, it sounds like what you want is suexec and cgi and/or fastcgi.

I’m not sure how easy that is to setup on the GPL version of Virtualmin, though I’m certain it’s possible.

But suexec is what tells Apache to run stuff as a Virtual Server owner, rather than as Apache itself. That’s the default setup in Pro… I’ll take a look at a GPL install to figure out what it would take to get that working, though I recently broke my vmware setup (durn), so I can’t do that right now :wink:

There’s a stickied thread at the top of the Virtualmin forum for how to setup suexec+FastCGI on a Virtualmin GPL system.

Oh, right, I’ve been meaning to read through that thread for ages and keep getting side-tracked! :wink:

The thread Joe is referring to is here:

A little late but I tought I should reply that the stickied thread solved my problem.