username suffix

I’m moving email users from my old ensim server to a new CentOS with Virtualmin as the cp.

On my old box, usernames were like ‘randy’. I’m not sure if it’s set up this way by Virtualmin or CentOS, but the new server has usernames like ‘randy.domainname’.

Is it possible to continue using usernames without the ‘.domainname’ suffix? A setting in virtualmin anywhere? Or should I just tell my users to change the username settings in their desktop mail program?

Thanks for any thoughts on this,


Hi Chris,

You may want to take a look at the settings in System Settings -> Module Config -> Defaults for new domains.

The "Include domain name in usernames" and "Domain name style in username" options may be of particular interest.

Also, you might want to look at System Settings -> Server Templates -> Mail for Domain -> Format for usernames that include domain.

Have a good one,

Thanks Eric, there are so many options/configurations in this thing sometimes it’s hard to find them all :slight_smile:

A good problem to have I guess.

Got it now, thanks again, Chris