username@domain.tld as login to services


I just planted a fresh Virtualmin on a server that will take over the old grandpa with Debian 7 on board. To my surprise while I was setting things up to my needs I noticed one thing. It’s either missing or something wrong - previously I could set up that every single user could access/login to email, FTP, Git, WebDAV etc using full email address. Now even though I have it set up correctly ( I think?) in Server Templates -> Mail for domain to be username@domain I cannot force it to use full email-like login.

Is this a bug, changed feature or am I doing something wrong?

Domain name style in username in System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Defaults for new domains is also set to ‘Full domain name’

Done some clicking and it seems that the solution was to switch to other option (such as user.domain or user-domain) and switch it back. What I’ve noticed that it was selected by default immediatelly after installation (according to joe’s announcement: I remember in the old days it was simply ‘user’ and then we could customise it to our needs. Maybe this is something to look at?

hanks the information helped me, although now they are reaching me to the spam folder