usermin mobile theme

I seem to be confused about the mobile usermin theme.

It is not listed in the mobile device options screen as a theme, so I tried to install it with yum install ubt-virtual-server-mobile… but it says no package available.

Does anyone know how to properly install the usermin theme for our mobile phones and iPhones?


Well, in theory, there should be one.

Can you remind me what distro are you using, and do you have the Pro or GPL version of Virtualmin?

CentOS fresh install.

This is from the Usermin Configuration screen in webmin:

Ah, looks like it’s missing for Usermin in the GPL repository. That’s a historical accident (we didn’t initially release the mobile theme for GPL since it was such a large project and required so much resources to build and maintain, but it’s settled down now, and we just want as many people as possible to use it). I’ll fix that in the next repo rollout. That’ll be a few days out, probably, as repo rolls have gotten really slow lately because they’re so large and there are so many now.

Actually, I lied. I have to do a new repo rollout for a clamav bugfix release as soon as those builds are finished, so it’ll happen within 24 hours.

Hey, far be it from me… but uh… do you guys sleep?

Mmm, well, a few quotes on the matter come to mine:

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Eric’s up past his bedtime in PA, but it’s only 10:25PM here in California.

We cleverly make use of different timezones (and odd schedules) to give the illusion that people are always available to help you with your Virtualmin issues. I plan to hire another Eric-like person in yet another time zone (maybe somewhere in Europe or Australia) as soon as we can afford one (and assuming we can find one…individuals of Eric’s caliber are not easy to come by), so that we really do cover all 24 hours.