Usermin - How create on Inbox, some subfolders ?

Dear team,

Usermin - How create on Inbox, some subfolders to manage the messages ?

For example:

— Inbox 2009
------ Profesional
------ Advertising
------ Real estate
— Inbox 2008
------ Archives 1T08
------ Archives 2T08

What’s the difference between composite, virtual and traditional folder ?
I don’t find it on the documentation

Thank you

Hrm, that’s an excellent question, I have absolutely no idea what those 3 folder types mean :slight_smile:

But, as for subfolders – many IMAP clients do that by using a "." – for example, "Inbox 2009.Professional", "Inbox 2009.Advertising", etc.

Is there a better way? Does Usermin support something simpler? I’m not sure :wink:

You might consider filing a ticket using the Bugs and Issues link below, and asking for updated documentation on that section. Improved documentation would be an excellent improvement there!

Sorry but this solution is not valid …