Usermin file manager. Uploaded File permissions

When users upload files using usermin file manager, the files permission is set to 644. I need that each uploaded file had permission 777. Does any one have ideas how to do that?

I need that, because 10 people should be able to use the same files, using usermin file manager, another 5 people accessing the same files using samba, they all belong to the same group, but some times users can’t delete the file, just because of permission issues. Any feedback will be appreciated. Please write me back if possible on and on forum off course :wink:

Hey Aistis,

I believe you’ll want to not use 777 (please don’t use 777), and instead make everyone a member of a “users” group or similar, and then make the files 664 or 660. You can use the setgid bit on directories for UNIX level access:

chmod -R g+sw /path/to/directory

And then in your samba configuration you can setup a mask and group for the directory for SMB/CIFS access. I’m not sure exactly off-hand how to do that, as it’s been a while since I’ve configured Samba.

Strangely, I don’t see a way to set default mask for files created in the File Manager. That may be a hole in this plan…I’ll ping Jamie to see if the File Manager pays attention to masks set somewhere else.