Usermin create email alias

Ilia, thanks for Usermin Version 1.791 and Authentic theme version 19.46 in which the address book functions for the ‘To’ field.

Can you please let me know how to create an email alias to input in the ‘From’ field?



You are welcome.

Have a look:

I saw that, Ilia, but the addresses in my address bock aren’t clickable, they are just entries with Edit or Delete options.

I am not sure what you mean. Can you send me privately the screenshot of your Address Book page?

Are you trying to add a recipient(s) on the new mail composer in To/Cc/Bcc fields? If so, just start typing a name on the field, like shown here. On the Address Book page, you can only edit/add/delete (manage) the entries (records).

The ‘To/Cc/Bcc’ fields work fine. I am refering to the ‘From’ field. There is no option to set this field to another address of mine in my address book that belongs to me, or to set an alias address in the ‘From’ field.

For example, I log into Usermin with The ‘From’ field when sending an email is set to that address.

I used to be able to set an alias which allowed me to also send an email from another address/domain of mine on the server. So instead of using I was able to change the ‘From’ field to That option presented itself in the ‘From’ field as a dropdown choice and offered me the option of choosing from which email address I had set as an alias.

Hope that helps.