Usermin Accessibility to the public users


How can I make my Usermin accessible to my users outside my LAN network?

I tried changing the ip and still it doesn’t work. I opened the port in my firewall where my Usermin can be accessed locally, but still it cannot be accessed by the outside world.

Can some genius help me?


If you have Usermin running on a server inside your LAN, what you’d need to do is setup your router to forward port 20000 from the router to your server.

Then, when a user accesses the IP of your router on port 20000, your router will take them to your Usermin install.

If that doesn’t work, be sure to let us know what error messages you’re seeing when you try to access it.


Hi Eric,

So what should be the application name if I enabled in my router? Like HTTP for apache webser with port 80. What about Usermin? JUST USERMIN?

I will try using USERMIN and see what’s going to happen.


Hello Eric,

The port was enabled but still I cannot access it. Locally, I can access but not publicly.

Is there something that I did not do righ?


So what steps did you take exactly to set this up, and what error messages are you seeing?

Are you sure you’ve enabled port forwarding on your router for port 20000?

If you did not port forward port 20000 from your router to your server, it won’t work.


Yes, I did. I changed specific port for the Usermin from 20000 to 8084. Is this wrong?

If I can access our website outside anywhere (laptop or library somewhere), then how come I cannot access Usermin?

Or, did I install Usermin and webmin wrong? I cannot access webmin outside or publicly too, could that be a related issue?


I configured the router and entered port 8084 under Usermin as the application. I changed the specific port of Usermin to 8084 and also opened this port in my firewall.

Still it is not accessible to the public.

Any further assistance with this please?


Well, you haven’t really offered what error messages you receive when it’s not working.

Normally though, it’s as simple as setting up port forwarding on your router – so that the port on your router gets forwarded to your server.