User suffix collisions


I’m experiencing the same problem I had before, but with users this time =. Basically, if I create a user called ‘foo’ under the domain ‘’ then the user the login name will be ‘foo-svn’. However, if I also create another user called ‘foo’ under the domain ‘’ the login name will also be ‘foo-svn’

How can I stop this from happening?


Hi Alex,

Virtualmin is actually supposed to prevent this, but selecting a unique prefix for each domain that is then prepended to usernames to avoid clashes. If you select these domains from the left menu, click on Edit Virtual Server and look at the ‘Mailbox name prefix’ field under the ‘Configurable settings’ section, are they the same?

If so, you should change one of them to something like svn-omfg.

I just noticed a bug where detection of clashing prefixes isn’t done properly in all cases, which would explain how this can happen. I’ll fix it in the next release…


They both say ‘svn’, however I am unable to edit this value. Is there no way to get Virtualmin to automagically make this value something like ‘svn-ohmygod’ (ie, the sub-domain gets a suffix of the parent domain).


That’s a good suggestion … the next release of Virtualmin will choose a non-clashing suffix in this situation automatically.

In your case, does the domain you want to change have any users already?
It isn’t currently possible to change the suffix when users exist.

Looking forward to the next release then =)

I can delete the Virtual Server and re-create it no problem, or delete the users to change it then?