user quotes and disk space not reported correctly

I have several mailbox users getting errors logging into Squirrelmail
because it thinks they are over their quota…

See attached image for the quota usage reported in virtualmin


On that list… here’s a few examples of what I mean…
I’ll use matt and teddy… they use outlook and it deletes all their mail
off the server so they don’t even use much of any space at all…

[root@zeus matt]# pwd
[root@zeus matt]# du -hs
3.0M .

Matt is really only using 3mb but virtualmin shows 97.06mb being used

[root@zeus matt]# cd ~teddy
[root@zeus teddy]# pwd
[root@zeus teddy]# du -hs
7.5M .

teddy’s only at 7.5mb and virtualmin shows 95.27mb

What’s causing that? A log file hung out somewhere or what?

See this link for a screenshot of virtualmin reporting disk usage incorrectly: