User Permission Issues

On one domain, I have added a user for some specific website support issues, with public_html set up as their home directory.

I have now noticed some issues:

  • If I delete this user, the website gets wiped as well, as their home directory is deleted i.e. /public_html

  • If I change their home directory, the website does not work

  • There is a ‘support’ user home directory that holds a copy of the site!!

  • The support users home folder is owned by the domain, not support.domain - this threw up a validation error, which highlighted my to an issue (I have corrected this).

  • The domain takes up 240mb+ of space, however, the site cannot be more that 50mb (there isn’t and real email activity).

Is there a quick fix for this?


Whenever you add a user who’s home directory is within the public_html folder, I’d suggest always using a Website Access FTP User.

That’s a user who’s designed just for making changes to files and directories within the public_html folder.

Files and directories will be created with the correct permissions, deleting the user won’t cause any problems, and you won’t end up with any new files/dirs because that user was created.

The option to create a Website Access FTP User is on the top-right of the Edit User screen.

As far as what’s taking up all the space – what output do you receive if you type:

du -sh /home/USERNAME

Where “USERNAME” is the Virtual Server owner for this domain?



So, what happened when I created that user with a home directory of /public_html? A new one was not created!

I deleted that user and the whole /public_html gets wiped, as well as the user files!

As for space:
244M /home/USERNAME

The only kind of user that you would want to give a homedir of public_html is a Website Access FTP User.

Anything else will cause a variety of problems, such as what you’re seeing.

It looks like there are some files within /home/USERNAME which are using up all that space (ie, it’s not files in /tmp or databases).

So we just to determine the culprit.

What you can do is go into /home/USERNAME, and type “du -sh *”. That should give you a listing of how much space all the files and directories there are taking up.



there is a duplicate set of files as in public_html

I have also just noticed that usermin is not working - probably not related, though!