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Is it possible and if so, how do I allow my employees to change their own email password? It is easier for me to set them up with a generic password and let them change it on their own.

Thank you.

Usermin is a great option for that purpose.

Hey Joe, thanks again for the help with godaddy and email servers. I found the correct steps, just forgot to post back. You can close that ticket.

How do I allow them to get to usermin? All I see when I log into VM Pro is Virtualmin and Webmin. Do I need to deploy another piece of software?

just have them type in https://their domain:20000 if you have it set as default

you can access the usermin setup in the webmin category (oops I just found mine in the unused, I’ll have to fix that). There you can set up all the criteria for your usermin users.

Usermin is active and set to allow all users, but I can only access :20000 with my IP and not my domain?

That makes no sense–Usermin doesn’t do name-based virtual hosting…and so no matter what name you put in the browser, it’ll connect, as long as that name resolves to the IP that Usermin is listening on. Does your domain name resolve? (Can you connect to Webmin/Virtualmin, web, email, other services on that name?)


Sorry could not edit my post.

Yes, that is how I access webmin. https://domainname.ext:10000

Sorry, brain fart. I had everything setup correctly, but I forgot to add a pinhole for the router.

I guess kind of like why for some reason, I have 2 logins for this site?

I guess kind of like why for some reason, I have 2 logins for this site?

I think that’s actually not the fault of your brain, but mine. I’ve been incapable of making this site not suck. Me and Joomla are not on speaking terms at the moment, and the site still needs serious work to make it nice enough to use. I plan to get back to it after I release FreeBSD support and the new theme (which could come before the end of the century, if we’re lucky).