user@domain.tld Style Usernames Question


I need to host on one box some virtual servers using regular user.domain user names for email, and some virtual servers using user@domain (these are ones migrated from Plesk).

In testing this, accessing POP or IMAP is not a problem - I can have a server template with the appropriate format for the user name in the “mail for domain” section.

However for SMTP authentication it seems I need to alter saslauthd with the -r flag (

My question is this: If I do this, will both SMTP login formats be supported?

Ie Will virtual server A setup with a template for user.domain be able to do SMTP authentication, and will virtual server B with a template for user@domain be able to do SMTP authentication?


Yup! I’m pretty sure you can use both, I hadn’t run into downsides in enabling -r before. We’ve run into a number of folks who’ve had both types enabled, similar to what you’re doing.

That said, we haven’t formally tested what you’re looking to do… but I think it’ll work :slight_smile:


Thanks Eric. Sounds like good news!