user creation

Hello Again,

sorry to be a pain to you all (i am new lol)

i was wondering for my hosting company i would like to do as the pros do and have a preloaded set of files shown upill list below

in home/username/public_html/
index.html which would say something like this site is hosted by hostname (note this file is only there so that they can see their site is up and running ofcause they would delete it their self)

also i would like to know if there is a way to suspend a user and so on like brinkster and gator do if they are doing something naughty?

oh and i tried to access like a user would and nothing happens it just keeps loading anything im doing wrong

Thank you for your time again

when i create a server I dont put anything in the public_html. Then the noindex.html will show up instead. This you find under /var/www/error directory.
You can change the text and layout to what you want.

to suspend an account look under Disable and Delete and disable the server.

I suspect the port 10000 is not open in your firewall