user access to ssh

Hey folks,

I’m using the latest webmin (1.810) and virtualmin on centos 7.
I was trying to create a new user, who has access to virtualmin, ftp, email AND SSH!
Unfortunately I am unable to alter the login access from ‘Email and FTP’ to ‘Email, FTP and SSH’?

Any suggestions to grant extra added users SSH access via virtualmin?


this was performed via virtualmin
virtualmin and webmin ar both installed and perform as expected.

ok, well after a time it worked for me. try to use this solution:

go to webmin > webmin users > USERNAME >
( if you get “This Webmin user should not be edited as it is managed by the Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL) module. Click here to bypass this warning (…)” click at CLICK HERE) [should be printed in capital letters :wink: ]

available webmin modules > others > enable the SSH checkbox

Does anyone of you have an alternative or better solution?
Could’nt check why it works now…

I manually added a user (USER) to the server. But ther user added via webmin (USER.DOMAIN) can access via SSH.
Damn it - where do I edit the scheme for the username (e.g. USERNAME@DOMAIN instead of USERNAME.DOMAIN)…
Sorry - kinda new to webmin, virtualmin and all the linux stuff :wink: