Use Vmin host as cacheing DNS server

OS type and version Redhat Enterprise Linux 9.3
Webmin version 2.101
Usermin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.8.2 Pro
Theme version 21.04

As I use external DNS servers, would it be a good idea to use the Vmin server host as a cacheing DNS server?

If so, how best to implement it preferably using Vmin or Webmin.

I don’t see any reason to use memory and CPU to run a DNS server that you don’t need.

If you depend on fast DNS for some local services (e.g. you have web apps that use remote APIs regularly), then you should use a caching resolver, but I wouldn’t use BIND for that. Most systems these days have a caching resolver by default and don’t need any additional configuration.

Thanks Joe, good explanation as always.

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