Use Virtualmin/Webmin without Apache to use Node.js


I am already using Virtualmin (Wordpress website), Now i would like to use Virtualmin Server only for updating OS, SSH server, Webmin Modules. I will move Wordpress site to another server. Can i run Virtualmin without Apache? So that Node.js Application can run without proxy requests from Apache.

Server: Node.js + Virtualmin/Webmin

Usage: Mysql, SSH server, OS updates, Webmin Modules (CSF/LFD), Backups,



Virtualmin actually doesn’t need Apache – it runs on Webmin, which contains a built-in webserver.

In Virtualmin, you can disable the “Apache website” feature in System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

Once you do that, you can disable the Apache service, and then start up the services you’re looking to use instead.


You made my day! It’s time to start Virtualmin + Node.js. I will report here if i come across any issues.

Thank you.

I went with Webmin instead of Virtualmin for hosting Node.js Apps and it works fine. :slight_smile:

I’m new to Virtualmin and I’d like to know the steps to setup Node.js on Webmin.