Use Mailman with a Mail Relay


I’m using an external mailserver (Zimbra) for my domains. So I installed the “Mail Relay” plugin and enabled relaying to my Zimbra server on all domains. That works great (F.e. for webapplications which sends E-Mail…). Zimbra is also the mail receiver, so the Virtualmin server has nothing todo with the whole mailing system.
Now I want to setup some Mailman Mailing Lists. But the feature can’t be enabled: “Mailman cannot be enabled unless mail is”. Why?
The needed setup is documented on this wiki page:
The Mailman server is on the virtualmin server, so the mail goes this way: sender -> zimbra server (detects mailinglist receiver address) -> virtualmin server (mailman sends all mails) -> zimbra server -> world.

Any help is appreciated…


ps: I posted this thread in the wrong forum, so this is a double-post. Sorry!

Well, under most circumstances, folks wouldn’t run a mailman mailing list without having email enabled for the Virtual Server. 99.5% of the time, when that happens, they goofed and didn’t enable the options they meant to enable.

You’re a different case though; you understand what you’re after, know how to configure it, and just need Virtualmin to play along. But Virtualmin doesn’t realize you’re part of the 0.5% who actually want to do what you’re trying to do :slight_smile:

Long story short – I have no idea how to do that :slight_smile:

I’ll see if Jamie can chime in on a way to do what you’re after.

Alright, Jamie’s suggestion is to create a new Virtual Server for the mailman lists, such as – and enable the Mail feature for that Virtual Server.

He says enabling mail is necessary due to all the aliases and such that coincide with creating a mailing list.

Hi Eric

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try that…


What if I want different domains to have mailing lists using their domain name, not the virtual server I created for the lists?

Also, what about users who can’t use mail functions because their server hosts requires them to use their SMTP server, so we are forced to relay to use mailing abilities at all?