Use domain-specific SSL certificates in Virtualmin?

I have a Virtualmin server hosting customers on a shared IP address. There’s an SSL certificate configured for Webmin, and the customer sites have their own certificates. I can access Virtualmin through the primary host, e.g.,; but if I try to get there through, the browser throws a warning because it received the certificate for instead. Is there a way to make Virtualmin use the certificate belonging to the domain in the URL?

hi castwide… yes for gpl (i am not sure for pro version) you can install your ssl for webmin or/and virtualmin only to one domain… as an pro I would suggest you to install your cert to your main domain eg: and use that as your primary login for virtualmin or your hosting cp… is irrelevant in this case and you should be prepared to firmly explain to your client/s or and customer/s that they should be logging into server via your central domain and not on its own domains…in this case you can track it everything on one log also protect it if need it too and all other benefits… - on gpl I am 100% sure its not possible otherwise, but however I could be still very wrong… anyway this solution would make your life easier (most hosting companies have one central login for things like that… its just advice). - btw state that in your tc as well on your site and/or in your contracts.

Have good day.

Thanks, unborn. I had a feeling it wasn’t feasible. I was a little concerned about the URL being easy to remember, but I can just redirect to

Actually, I have customers that say they used to be with another hosting service that used PLESK, and they never had these kind of domain/ssl issues.

In fact, they complain the most about the SSL issues with email… not able to use their domain name for IMAP and SMTP.

Is this true? Do other control panels configure each users’ domain such that they can access the control panel and SSL email using their own domain name?

I don’t know about Plesk, but I can confirm that cPanel redirects to the primary domain, e.g., from to I just double-checked on a GoDaddy shared hosting account.

It looks like shared accounts on cPanel also use the primary domain when configuring SSL email clients. If your customers were able to use their own domains, I suspect they had dedicated IP addresses.