Usage of generic primary nameserver not working

OS type and version Almalinux 9
Webmin version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED
Related packages SUGGESTED

Today I installed Virtualmin on Almalinux 9 successfully but having issues on the generic nameserver I used.

Please how do I resolve this error?
Warning! Primary nameserver cannot be resolved from the rest of the Internet : Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

See what I mean below


The minimum requirement is to have a domain name registered and setup A record that would point to your instance IP address. Also, you cannot use domain to setup your nameservers. It has to be your domain.

After registering a domain, go to the provider’s DNS editor and change/add A record to point to your instance/server’s IP address.

If you want to host your DNS you would need to set up glue records. You could also use DNS cloud providers to host DNS but that requires Virtualmin Pro subscription.

Please refer to our documentation:

Thank you but I have skipped that process.

use for a free domain for testing. search for a .ml .tk .ga .cf .gq they free, a .com cost money, register the name for up to 12 months for free.

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