I can’t find the article that explained the new links to reach virtualmin. I vaguely recall a discussion about being able to use a url or subdomain to reach these, something like “http://admin.yoursite.com” would redirect to “https://yoursite.com:10000

But I can’t find that discussion and yanno, without knowing the keyword, Google won’t tell me. Help! A problem I can’t solve with Google! I’m doomed with filthy doom!

Um… does anyone know where that is?

I’m not sure about an article, though I’ll offer that the default is that webmin.YOURDOMAIN.com will redirect to Usermin and admin.YOURDOMAIN.com will redirect to Virtualmin.

Those settings can be tweaked within the Apache Website section of the Server Templates (it’s about 2/3 of the way down that page).

Huh, didn’t think to check in templates – funny how that makes perfect sense after you said it :slight_smile:

You are like, my best friend ever. If I had your mailing address, I’d have my wife make you cookies.

Cookies? Peanut Butter Cookies? I’ll gladly hook you up with my address :wink:

Nah, it’s no problem – have a good one!

Ha! I think she’s making a batch of raisin chocolate chip and another of oatmeal coconut raisin this month (today ironically). She might be convinced to do peanut butter next month. Being nine months pregnant, she gets to make whatever she wants, and she’s big on raisins right now :slight_smile:

Contact me using katowulf on the domain of gmail, if you’ve got a po box of some sort, and we’ll hook you up! You deserve something for all the problems you’ve fixed on our hosting box.