Urgent help - Cannot install standard module Time

Time module cannot being installed. When I try to installed it I get the following error:

“Failed to install standard module. Module time does not support this operating system (Debian Linux 7).”

Possible issue generators:

I am using Debian 7.7 maybe this module is not recognize the system
I am using a VPS on OpenVZ

Here is the window content

Module Index
Install Module
Downloading time.wbm.gz (319 bytes) …
Downloading http://download.webmin.com/download/modules/time.wbm.gz (64.95 kB) …
Received 1024 bytes (1 %)
Received 7 kB (10 %)
Received 13 kB (20 %)
Received 20 kB (30 %)
Received 26 kB (40 %)
Received 33 kB (50 %)
Received 39 kB (60 %)
Received 46 kB (70 %)
Received 52 kB (80 %)
Received 59 kB (90 %)
Received 64.95 kB (100 %)
… download complete.
Failed to install standard module : Module time does not support this operating system (Debian Linux 7)

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I need an advice. It is related to OpenVZ, or this module should be updated to Debian 7.7?

Thank you


Well, Webmin actually comes with a “Time” module, Would the standard Time module that comes with Webmin do what you’re after?


After installing Webmin/Virtualmin I checked every section to see if looks normal or not. I found Time module missing. This is the main reason I wanted to install it.


It may not be showing up, in your case, if certain dependencies aren’t there. It may be due to a setting related to your VPS.

However, Time is part of the core Webmin module.

Does the directory “/usr/share/webmin/time” exist on your system?


The mentioned directory exists in my VPS.