Urgent but Quick Question about keeping browser open while migrating a site


Sorry this is a bit urgent so I hope someone can reply in time! But hours ago I started to migrate a CPanel backup file to Virtualmin. The file was over 2Gb, the dabatase is 2Gb. Its been migrating for hours, which is understandable, but I did not think it would take this long.

Do I need to leave the browser window open while migrating? Because I need to leave work in about 30 minutes at which time the laptop I am using internet connection will drop!

If I do close the browser, can I just start the import again? Will it break anything? Guess I need to delete the old account first and start again.



That’s one of those grey areas :slight_smile:

If it were me, I would try to do everything possible to keep the browser open.

If the import process were to die during the creation of the Virtual Server, that new domain could be placed in an incomplete state, which is capable of being a mess to clean up.

That won’t always happen, but is worth trying to avoid :slight_smile:


Ok thanks. Now we know.

But something weird happened anyway… Just before leaving I still had the progress messages on the screen and the spinning icon in the tab indicating its still loading. But I checked the database tables it was importing and all seems to be there. In fact the imported system seems to work fine. So I closed the browser mid database creation message as I had to leave.

So either it’s not fully complete and I have yet to find an issue, or it completed the import but did not update the progress messages on screen.

We’ve run into cases where the browser times out, but the import/restore that was running continues to work fine.

If you aren’t seeing any problems, it’s quite possible that’s what happened in your case.