Upgrading Virtualmin

I’ve got a slight problem in upgrading Virtualmin - it doesn’t want to upgrade(
I’m runnung version 3.77, installed by script, and version 3.78 has been released a week ago, by in my virtualmin panel I can’t see anything like “update avalibe”. upgrading from ssh doesn’t work too, atitude says there aren’t any new avalible updates.
OS debian lenny.
Please help to solve this problem.

Does upgrade to 3.78 work to everyone fine?

The upgrade isn’t in the general Virtualmin software repository yet, though it should be appearing there soon…


Thanks for answering!
I was just thinking that there’s as always a problem with my server and/or with my hands.sys =)
So, I’ll wait for the repo, thanks again)

p.s. when I was using ubuntu, new virtualmin usually appeared in repos for ubuntu in a few days, so that’s I thought there’s a problem)